At Majestic Valeting & Detailing we offer a select range of Detailing and Valeting options to ensure your vehicle receives exactly what it needs. We’re here to do it 100% or not at all. With this in mind we don’t offer basic in and out/ interior/ exterior cleans. 

VEHICLE DEEP CLEANING (Showroom standard)

All exterior and interior surfaces are tended to using only safe materials and steam cleaning throughout taking care of your seats, carpets, interior trim, glass, seat rails and intricate areas along with chemical decontamination to the exterior which includes fallout and tar removal to bodywork and short term protection for your paintwork.

Priced from

£140 for small vehicles (hatchbacks)

£160 for medium vehicles (Estates, saloons, small suv)

£180 for large vehicles (suvs, mpvs, pickups)

£200+ for Exotic vehicles (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren etc)

Engine bay cleaning and long term protection available for an additonal cost. 




Our maintenance clean has been designed specifically to keep your vehicle looking as new, ensuring a thorough and safe clean throughout. 

Pricing for this service is vehicle size dependant and is available on a 2/3/4 or 6 weekly schedule and available for brand new vehicles and vehicles that have been through our Deep Clean process.

Pricing starts from

£60 for Small vehicles (Hatchbacks)

£70 for medium vehicles (Estates, saloons, small suv)

£80 for large vehicles (suvs, mpvs, pickups)

£100+ for exotic vehicles (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren etc)



Perfect for new to you vehicles.

Our exterior enhancement consists of carrying out a single stage vehicle machine polish to bring your vehicles paintwork back to life removing light scratches and swirl marks, restoring that high gloss finish to your vehicles paint.

Once this step is complete we have a range of protection options for your paint, wheels and glass offering 12 Months Wax Protection to 3 Year+ Ceramic Coatings.

Results vary depending on the condition of the paintwork so a full vehicle appraisal before booking is recommended.

For more information and to arrange a booking or appraisal, get in touch.

Pricing starts from £400 for Small vehicles.




So you’ve bought your brand new car, it’s showroom fresh so now it’s time to get it protected.

With our new car detail we will fully prepare and protect all exterior and interior surfaces of your vehicle ensuring the paint, wheels, glass and interior is fully protected for years to come.

Pricing starts from £600 for Small vehicles.


Contact Majestic Valeting & Detailing Stockport by phone or email, through our contact us form or via our social media to check availability and book your vehicle in.

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